2014. Fulvio Irace


Prof. Fulvio Irace


Develop knowledge of Italian postwar architecture, as a case study for a research in national identity in international era. Acquire skills in analysing architectural as a physical and conceptual object Recognize styles and languages of single authors Acknowledge the importance of theory in the practice of architecture Adequate knowledge of contemporary architecture and historical background of European history of the second half of XX c. Skill in analysing and synthesizing. Keenness in aesthetical analysis of moder languages. Skill in comprehensive report of theoretical constructions The course will deal with the history of Italian architecture from the end of the world war till to the decade of the 70, considering Italy as a case study in defining national identity in an international era. Lectures will give evidence to both the theoretical contributions and the built or just designed architectures, in the light of the awareness of architecture as a cultural and physical object.

The course will span nearly three decades – 1945/1975- of the life of Italy come out of the world war and will end with the ripening of the last international role of Italy in the architectural debay.

Some of the main issues the course will face are:

Continuity or Crisis. E: N.Roger and The Italian dilemma.

Italy builds: the recovery at the aftermath of war. In praise of modesty. The issue of housing. Neorealism and the legacy of modernism.

The Economic Miracle: the American dream and the new way of living. The worm of memory. Building in historical context. Old cities, new buildings. Neo liberty and neo regionalism. Gabetti & Isola, P.Portoghesi. The Italian way to museums: BBPR, Scarpa, Albini, Caccia Dominioni.

The generation of the “masters”: F.Albini, I, Gardella, L. Quaroni, V.Magistretti, Figini&Pollini,

Witnessing “diversities”: Luigi Moretti, Carlo Mollino, Gio Ponti. L. Baldessari, G. Michelucci

Architecture as a master in craft : Mario Ridolfi; Carlo Scarpa.

The Milanese set: a study on the language of facade: Ponti, Asnago&Vender, Caccia Dominioni.

Form and Technology: M. Sacripanti, G. Valle, P.L.Nervi, R. Morandi, A.Mangiarotti, M. Zanuso, R. Piano The emergency of theory: Aldo Rossi.


Benjamín Lezaeta (Chile)

Julio Oleas Rueda (Ecuador)

Ricardo Leandro de Sas

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