2015. Ana Tostöes

Modern Portuguese architecture and landscape.

Prof. Ana Tostöes

The tour of the modern Portuguese architecture and landscape addressing the knowledge through the main authors and works highlighting their specificities. Deepen the knowledge and framework of the architecture through time. Encourage understanding of the architecture (as construction and desire in order to meet the social and programmatic requirements of commissioners) and the city, as an organization phenomenon of collective space that reflects the economic, social and politic structure. The study of history provides the connection, context, and roots which are central for the identity of who we were, who we are, and who we might be. History of architecture as a field within the broad intellectual discipline of history has a special role in helping us to understand the built environment and how it affects our lives. Students are expected to demonstrate a high degree of competence across a wide range of architecture and lanscape authors and proposals.


María Elena Astini (Córdoba, Argentina) ; Mario Galiana Lira (Logroño, España)


Fernando Royo Naranjo (Málaga, España) ; Bruno Sirabo