2011. Hartmut Frank

Peter Behrens and his Contemporaries. The Invention of European Modern Architecture.

Prof. Hartmut Frank

    Peter Behrens (1868-1940) occupies a leading position as artist, designer and architect in the development of 20th century European architecture. Some of the best known masters of modern style had been his collaborators or students. Working in Munich, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Vienna during a lapse of 50 years he invented a whole set of new approaches in graphic and industrial design as well as in architecture and urban planning. The first set of lectures will present his work in the light of its cultural and and historical background, the second will deal with central elements of his method in relation to general tendencies of modern European architecture and design.

Objectives of COMPETENCIES AND SKILLS that student should develop:

A selection of exemplary works of Behrens will be analized individually in confrontation and in comparison to works of famous contemporaries with the intention to identify central topics of modern European design methodology and theory. The student will be introduced into general methods of historical and theoretical research in architecture and will develop the capacity to present his findings in verbal and written form. The perspective of these presentations will not be that of a theoretical art historian but  that of a contemporary architect interested in the tradition of thought within his discipline.

Trabajos de Alumnos:

Damián Capano (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Erik R Gonzalez (Monterrey, Méjico)

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