Profesor_ Wang Wilfried



Is the O’Neil Ford Centennial Professor in Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin. With Barbara Hoidn founded HOIDN WANG PARTNER, Berlin. Born in Hamburg, studied in London. Partnership with John Southall (1989-95). With Nadir Tharani, founding co-editor of 9H  Magazine (1979-1995); with Richard Burdett, co-director of the 9H Gallery (1985-1990); and director of the German Architecture Museum (1995-2000). Taught at the Polytechnic of North London, University College London, ETH Zurich, Städelschule, Harvard University and University of Navarra. Author and editor of essays, monographs and topographs on the architecture of the 20th-century. With Kevin Alter, Michael Benedikt and Bar bara Hoidn, he is a co-editor of the O’Neil Ford Monographs and the O’Neil Ford Duographs. With Barbara Hoidn, he is the co-editor of the German government annual architectural journal Building and Space. Chair of the Schelling Architecture Foundation. Member of the design review board of Munich Airport. Member of CICA, honorary member of the Federation of German Architects, foreign member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, member of the Academy of the Arts, Berlin.

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